PR on pate

Capricii și Delicii or food Without compromises

Prefera Foods is re-launching the premium brand of preserved foods, “Capricii și Delicii”. The new “Capricii și Delicii” has redesigned its packaging, and has renewed its product networks.

“Capricii și Delicii” stands for clean label food and targets the informed and sophisticated customers who look for clean and natural food with added value – a plus of confidence and good taste.

“Capricii si Delicii” range of products includes liver pates, sunflower seed spreads, vegetable spreads – products with new recipes, free of additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers and coloring agents providing consumers with a truly healthy meal.

The pates offer includes the Gurmand range products with 45% liver (Pork pate 115g, 145g, 180g; Chicken pate 115g, 145g, 180g; Duck pate 115g, 180g, Goose pate 115g, 180g and Turkey pate 115g, 180g) and strong flavour and the Dublet range with 45% liver, in a fine mix of chicken and turkey or chicken and duck or chicken and goose liver.

The packaging of these sophisticated and nourishing products visually supports the “clean” label concept and conveys the idea of natural without compromises food.