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New range of Ready Meals and Sour Soups

People of your time, craving for good food, your childhood sour soups and dishes are here, ready to meet your modern taste. Today they go on minimalist plates and futurist tables, in between office tasks or enjoyed in peace. Our ready meals are at your fingertips.

Baked vegetables spreads (zacusca)

Hey there, you're on a break, that's good. How are you? Did you miss us? That's nice, don't worry, we are fine and healthy, but back with some appetizing treats. Follow our spot for vegetables spreads (zacusca), look for some fresh bread or… maybe you have some sliced bread left. If not, just take a piece of bread, put some eggplant spread on and press play to see this appetizing video. We recommend baked vegetables spread (zacusca) and full screen.